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Waiters App

Increase serving efficiency by helping your waiters take orders from their phones. Orders get directly pushed to the POS and to the kitchen.

Increase Service Quality & Speed

With the entire menu in hand, push orders instantly to the kitchen and POS thus increasing serving efficiency.

Full Menu Display with Customer Details

Choose category, products, variants, add-ons, special notes all from a mobile. Add customer info in a click.

Self Configurable KOT Prints

Choose which Kitchen KOTs to send copies to; manage number of printouts

Integrated POS & KDS

Orders from a waiter app are seamlessly synchronized with others and the POS and KDS, enabling fast order processing and fewer mistakes

Runs on Tablet, Mobile & Desktop

Use your own mobile/ tablet to take orders from the customers.

Product that helps you grow
your restaurant business


Live customer support & software upgrade included in all packages, devices, and platforms including integrated platforms

Performance Managment

Through in-depth reporting, target areas of improvement in your restaurant and take measurable actions through suggestions

Easy Billing & Integration

Restogro’s POS is designed with the intention of making billing easier for everyone. Bill easily with a simple one-page billing mechanism

Trusted by restaurants,
all over the world.

Restogro is a unique and powerful suite of comprehensive solutions designed exclusively to serve restaurants, POS, consultants, etc with the long term vision to disrupt and evolve the way you work.

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